Cat 3508, 3512 (68Z, 65Z) Industrial Diesel Engine Shop Service Manual



  • Covers¬†Cat 3508, 3512 Industrial Diesel Engine (S/N 68Z 1-UP, 65Z 1-UP)
  • 657 pages
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This manual covers systems operation and testing/adjusting of the Cat 3508, 3512 Industrial Diesel Engine. It includes detailed specs, illustrations and service procedures to guide the mechanic with¬†correctly servicing, overhaul and troubleshoot the engine to the manufacturer’s specifications. The Specifications Manual, Systems Operation Manual, Troubleshooting Manual, Disassembly and Assembly Manual are included in one convenient PDF files.

Cat 3508, 3512 (68Z, 65Z) Industrial Diesel Engine Shop Service Manual Contents:

Specifications for Engine Attachments, 3500 Industrial
General Tightening Torque for Bolts, Nuts, and Taperlock Studs
Torque for Flared and O-Ring Fittings
Engine Design
Fuel System
Fuel Injection
Fuel Pressure Regulator (Earlier)
Fuel Pressure Regulator (Later)
Manual Shutoff Group
Fuel Injection Control Group
Governor Fastener Group
Governor Drive 1
Air Induction and Exhaust System
Valve Covers
Valve Rocker Arms, Lifters and Bridges
Cylinder Heads
Turbocharger Impeller Installation
Exhaust Manifolds
Air Intake Shutoff
Lubrication System
Oil Pump
Oil Filter Bypass Valve (Earlier)
Oil Filter Bypass Valve (Later)
Oil Cooler Bypass and Cooling Jet
Sequence Valves
Cooling System
Water Pump
Water Connection Group – Outlet
Water Temperature Regulators
V-Belt Tension Chart
Basic Engine Components
Cylinder Block
Cylinder Liners
Cylinder Liner Projection
Pistons and Rings
Connecting Rods
Connecting Rod and Main Bearing Journals
Crankshaft Wear Sleeves and Seals
Front Balancer Group (3508)
Lower Front Gear Group
Upper Front Gear Group (7N4871)
Rear Gear Group
Flywheel Runout
Flywheel Housing
Flywheel Housing Bore
Flywheel Housing Runout

Systems Operation, 3500 Industrial Engines
Engine Design
Fuel System
Fuel Injection Control Linkage
Fuel Injector
Woodward UG8 Lever Governors
Air Fuel Ratio Control
Air Inlet and Exhaust System
Valve System Components
Lubrication System
Cooling System
Basic Block
Cylinder Block, Liners and Heads
Pistons, Rings and Connecting Rods
Air Starting System
Electrical System
Starter Motor
Starter Solenoid
Circuit Breaker
Contactor Switch (Water Temperature)
Testing and Adjusting
Fuel System
Fuel System Inspection
Checking Engine Cylinders Separately
Fuel Injector Testing
Injector Tester Preparation
Operation of the Tester
Leak Test for Injector Tester
Injector Test Sequence
Fuel Pressure
Engine Rotation
Finding Top Center Position for No. 1 Piston (TDC)
Camshaft Timing
Startup Procedure
Crankshaft Positions for Fuel Timing
Fuel Timing
Injector Synchronization
Fuel Setting
Fuel Setting Adjustment
Engine Speed Measurement
Woodward UG8 Lever Governor
Compensating Adjustment
Low and High Idle Speed Adjustment
Speed Droop Adjustment
Air Fuel Ratio Control
Air Inlet and Exhaust System
Restriction of Air Inlet and Exhaust
Measurement of Pressure in Inlet Manifold
Exhaust Temperature
Crankcase (Crankshaft Compartment) Pressure
Cylinder Heads
Bridge Adjustment
Crankshaft Positions for Valve Clearance Setting
Valve Clearance
Lubrication System
Too Much Oil Consumption
Measuring Engine Oil Pressure
Oil Pressure is Low
Oil Pressure is High
Too Much Bearing Wear
Increased Oil Temperature
Cooling System
Visual Inspection of the Cooling System
Testing the Cooling System
Test Tools for Cooling System
Pressure Cap Test
Radiator and Cooling System Leak Tests
Water Temperature Gauge Test
Water Temperature Regulator Test
Basic Block
Connecting Rod Bearings
Main Bearings
Cylinder Block
Projection of Cylinder Liners
Flywheel and Flywheel Housing
Checking Crankshaft Deflection (Bend)
Vibration Damper
Electrical System
Test Tools for Electrical System
Charging System
Starting System
Caterpillar, 3161 Governor
Governor Types
Basic Governor
Governor Components
Operation of the 3161 Governor
Auxiliary Controls
Manual Shutdown
Pressure Shutdown
Electric Shutdown
Manual Mechanical Speed Control
Pneumatic Speed Control
Air Fuel Ratio Control
Speed Adjusting Motor Governor Head
Manual Speed Setting Control
Pneumatic Mid Speed Control
Governor Troubleshooting
Air Fuel Ratio Control Troubleshooting
Pneumatic Speed Setting
Control Troubleshooting
Testing and Adjusting
Governor Oil Pump
Governor Preparation
Governor Installation
Governor Adjustments
Auxiliary Controls
Hydramechanical Protective System, 3500 Series Engines
Shutoff Control Group
Thermostatic Pilot Valve
Accessory (Shutoff) Drive Group
Air Intake Shutoff
Tachometer and Service Meter Drive
Remote Shutoff Valve Group
Electrical Switches
Systems Operation
Low Engine Oil Pressure
High Coolant Temperature
System Components
System Hydraulics
Hydraulic Circuits (Earlier)
Hydraulic Circuits (Later)
Hydraulic Circuits, Later with an Alarm System
Testing and Adjusting
System Checks
System Tests
Shutoff Speed Setting Adjustment
Wiring Diagrams

Manual Shutoff
Gauge Panel
Air Intake Shutoff
Tachometer Drive
Crankcase Breather
Water Temperature Regulators
Water Pump
Fuel Filter Housing
Fuel Priming Pump, Fuel Transfer Pump
Oil Pump
Oil Filter Housing
Oil Pan
Oil Sequence Valves
Oil Cooler
Exhaust Manifolds
Governor Drive
Hydramechanical Shutoff Control
Hydramechanical Shutoff Drive
Accessory Drive (Front)
Oil and Water Pump Drive
Crankshaft Vibration Damper
Crankshaft Front Seal and Wear Sleeve
Crankshaft Rear Seal and Wear Sleeve
Front Drive Housing
Flywheel Housing
Valve Covers
Rocker Shafts and Push Rods
Fuel Injectors
Fuel Injection Control Linkage
Cylinder Heads
Bridge Dowels
Connecting Rod Bearings
Front Balancer Group
Rear Gear Group
Spacer Plates
Crankshaft Main Bearings
Cylinder Liners




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