Cummins NH/NT/NTA 855 Diesel Engine Shop Service Manual



  • Cummins NH/NT/NTA 855 Diesel Engine (including Big Cam I, II)
  • 296 pages
  • Instant PDF Download
  • Bookmarked, searchable, printable
  • Compatible with Windows/Mac/Tablet

This manual covers repair and overhaul of the Cummins NH/NT/NTA 855 ci diesel engine. Specs, illustrations and procedures are included to guide the mechanic with¬†correctly repairing and overhauling the engine to the manufacturer’s specifications. This downloadable factory Cummins service manual is also known as the repair manual or workshop manual.

Cummins NH/NT/NTA 855 Diesel Engine Shop Service Manual Contents:

Operating Instructions (based on construction/industrial engines)
Prestarting Instructions
Starting the Engine
Engine Warm-Up
Engine Speeds
Engine Exhaust
High Altitude Operation
Engine Shutdown
Cold Weather Protection
Industrial Fire Pump Engines

Maintenance Operations (based on construction/industrial engines)
Check Sheet
A Checks – Daily
A Checks – Weekly
B Checks
C Checks
D Checks
Seasonal Maintenance Checks
Specifications and Torque
Lubricating Oil
Torque Speclflcatlons

Engine Disassembly (all applications)
General Information
Disassembly Of The Engine
Group 1 – Cylinder Block
The Cylinder Block
The Camshaft Bushing
The Cylinder Liner Counterbore
The Cylinder Liner Bore
The Water Passages
Salvage Of The Cylinder Head Capscrew Holes
Refinishing Of The Top Surface Of The Cylinder Block
Main Bearing Caps
Main Bearing Bore
The Cylinder Liners
Crankshaft Thrust Bearings
The Vibration Damper
The Mounting Flange For The Vibration Damper
The Connecting Rod
Piston Rings
Assemble The Piston To The Connecting Rod
The Rear Cover
The Camshaft
The Camshaft Support
The Gear Cover
Group 2 – Cylinder Head
Cylinder Head
The Valve Guides
The Valve Springs
The Crosshead Guides
Water Holes.
Injector Sleeve
Assembly and Testing
Group 3 – Rocker Levers
Rocker Levers and Housing
Rocker Levers
Crankcase Breather
Rocker Housing Cover
Group 4 – Cam Followers
Cam Followers
Mechanical Variable Timing
Push Rods
Group 5 – Fuel System
PT Fuel Pumps
Group 6 – Injectors
Injectors and Connections
Group 7 – Lubricating System
The Lubricating Oil Pump
Demand Flow and Cooling (DFC)
Lubricating Oil Filters
Lubricating Oil Lines
The Lubricating Oil Pan
The Lubricating Oil Dipstick
The Lubricating Oil Cooler
NTE (European) Oil Cooler
Group 8 – Cooling System
The Eccentric Water Pump
The Water Pump For The NTA Engine
The FFC Water Pump
The Fan
The Fan Hub
The Thermostat and Housing
The Raw Water or Sea Water Pump
Group 9 – Drive Units
General Information
Accessory Drive .
Hydraulic Governor Drive
Drive Pulley
Group 10 – Air Intake System
The Intake Manifold and Connection
The Aftercooler
Group 11 – Exhaust System
Exhaust Manifolds
Group 12 – Air Equipment
Air Compressor
Vacuum Pump
Air Cranking Motor
Group 13 – Electrical Equipment
Wiring Diagram
Electrical Components
Group 14 – Engine Assembly and Testing
Engine Assembly
To Test The Engine
Paint The Engine
Preparing An Engine From Storage
To Service
Group 16 – Mounting Adaptations
The Flywheel
The Flywheel Ring Gear
Group 18 – Wear Limits, Specifications
And Torque
Cylinder Block Specifications
Cylinder Head Specifications
Rocker Lever Specifications
Cam Follower Specifications
Lubricating Oil Pump Specifications
Oil Pan Capacity
Cooling System Specifications
Drive Unit Specifications
Assembly Specifications
Capscrew Markings and Torque Values
Lubricating Oil
Fuel Oil
Vehicle Braking
The Compression Brake
Maintenance Of The Engine Brake
The Exhaust Brake


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