Komatsu 20F, 20FS Wheel Loader Service Manual PDF



  • Covers Komatsu/Hanomag 20F, 20FS Wheel Loaders
  • 324 pages
  • Instant PDF Download
  • 23mb file size
  • Printable
  • Compatible with Windows/Mac/Tablet

This service manual covers servicing of Komatsu 20F and 20FS wheel loaders. It includes detailed OEM specifications, data, illustrations and step-by-step procedures to guide the mechanic with correctly servicing the machine to the manufacturer’s specifications. The service manual is also known as the shop manual is the most comprehensive available. It is offered in a convenient and affordable downloadable PDF format viewable on your tablet or smartphone.

PDF Download Contents:

  • Preface

    • Description of the machine
    • Machine identification
    • Noise emission levels; Vibration levels
    • Dimensions, weights
    • Loading and bracing
    • Safety precautions
    • Instruments and controls
  • Operation

    • Loader hydraulics
    • Control levers
    • Arm rest; Locking the control levers
    • Bucket position indicator
    • Quick-attach coupler
    • Quick-attach coupler (4-in-1 bucket)
  • Running-in period
    • Inspection and maintenance chart
    • Lubricant, fuel and coolant specifications; refill capacities
  • Engine
    • Oil level
    • Oil change; Oil filter element; Crankcase breather
    • Valve clearance; Fuel injectors
  • Fuel system
    • Fuel tank
    • Water separator
    • Fuel filter
    • Priming the fuel system
  • Cooling system
    • Coolant level
    • Changing the coolant
    • Cleaning the radiator
  • Air cleaner
    • Main filter element
    • Safety element
  • Battery
    • Electrolyte level and state of charge
  • Front axle Oil level; Oil change
  • Rear axle Oil level; Oil change
  • Transfer gear Oil level; Oil change
  • Service brake
    • Oil level
    • Changing the oil; Bleeding
    • Brake disc wear
  • Parking brake adjusting
  • Hydraulic system
    • Oil level; Adding oil; Pressurizing the oil tank
    • Oil change
    • Filter elements
  • Lubricating the machine
    • Articulation joint, steering cylinder; Door hinges
    • Universal shafts
  • Lubricating the equipment
    • Loader arms; Bucket cylinder; Tilt lever;
    • Tilt link; Lift cylinder; Quick-attach coupler
  • System pressures
  • Technical data
  • Winter operation
    • Cleaning the paintwork
    • Long-term storage of the machine
  • Electrical system
    • Battery master switch
    • Electrical system: Fuses; Relays
    • Wiring diagram
  • Engine
    • View of engine
    • Technical data
    • Injection pump adjustment and cylinder head screw tightening sequence
    • Engine lubrication system
    • Tightening torques
  • Drive System
    • Layout of drive system
    • Description of closed oil circuit
    • Hydraulic circuit diagram of drive, steering and working hydraulics
    • Circuit diagram of drive hydraulic system
    • Variable-displacement hydraulic pump
    • Variable-displacement hydraulic pump with valves
    • Regulating valve and boost pressure relief valve
    • Adjusting cylinder with directional control valve
    • Valve for hydraulic pressure cut-off and drive pressure safety valve
    • Variable-displacement hydraulic motor
    • Inch valve
  • Steering System
  • Loader Hydraulics
  • Repair instructions for door and side windows
  • Axles/Brakes
  • sample pages


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