Mercedes Benz OM352, OM353, OM362 Engine Workshop Manual



  • Covers Mercedes Benz OM352/A OM362/LA engine models listed
    • 352.913, 352.937, 352.946, 352.949, 352.950, 352.968, 352.994
    • 353.909, 353.910, 353.911, 353.912, 353.913, 353.914, 353.950, 353.951, 353.952, 353.953, 353.954, 353.970, 353.971, 353.972, 353.975, 353.978, 353.997
    • 362.906, 362.909, 362.910
  • 234 pages
  • Instant PDF Download
  • Linked table of contents, searchable, printable
  • Compatible with Windows/Mac/Tablet
  • 1984 publication

This manual covers service and overhaul of the Mercedes Benz OM352, OM353, OM362 diesel engine. It includes detailed specs, illustrations and service procedures to guide the mechanic with correctly repairing the diesel engine to the manufacturer’s specifications. This downloadable engine service manual is also known as the repair manual or workshop manual.

Mercedes Benz OM352, OM353, OM362 Engine Workshop Manual Contents:

Installation survey
Special tools
General engine data – performance diagrams, tightening torques

Removing and fitting cylinder head cover
Removing cylinder head
Fitting cylinder head
Facing cylinder head
Removing and installing oil separator
Removing and installing, sealing timing case cover
Removing and installing oil pan
Machining cylinder walls by flex honing
Removing and installing dry cylinder liners
Drilling opening cylinder bores in cylinder crankcase

Replacing guide bearing in flywheel
Removing and installing flywheel
Machining flywheel
Replacing starter ring gear
Removing and installing vibration damper
Sealing crankshaft at rear
Removing and installing piston
Replacing piston rings
Recognising damage due to dust
Mounting connecting rod
Removing, storing and installing crankshaft
Removing and installing crankshaft gear

Adjusting valve timing
Disassembling and assembling rocker arm gear
Removing and installing valve
Machining valve seats
Grinding valves
Removing and installing valve guides
Replacing valve seat rings
Removing and installing camshaft

Installation Survey – Injection Pumps
Testing start of delivery
Removing and installing injection pump
Removing and installing nozzle holder and protective sleeve
Testing injection nozzle
Disassembling and assembling nozzle holder and injection nozzle

Exploded Views, Sectional Views
Troubleshooting turbocharger
Removing and installing turbocharger
Testing turbocharger
Disassembling and assembling turbocharger

Removing and installing belt-driven air compressor
Removing and disassembling camshaft air compressor
Assembling and installing camshaft air compressor
Testing, re-tensioning V-belts

Removing and installing exhaust manifold
installing starter

Measuring oil consumption/Oil consumption test sheet
Removing oil cooler
Installing oil cooler
Removing and installing oil filter elements
Disassembling and assembling oil filter mount
Removing and installing oil pump
Disassembling and assembling oil pump
Removing and installing oil injection nozzle

Removing and installing coolant regulator
Testing coolant regulator
Degreasing and decalcifying cooling system
Removing and installing coolant pump
Disassembling and assembling coolant pump


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