Cat 3304, 3306 78P, 3N Diesel Engine Systems Operation Testing Adjusting Manual



  • Covers Cat 3304, 3306 Diesel Engine with serial prexies 78P and 3N
  • 102 pages
  • Instant PDF Download
  • Searchable, printable
  • Compatible with Windows/Mac/Tablet

This manual covers systems operation and testing/adjusting of the Cat 3304, 3306 78P, 3N Diesel Engine. It includes detailed specs, illustrations and service procedures to guide the mechanic with correctly servicing the engine to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Cat 3304, 3306 78P, 3N Diesel Engine Sys Operation Testing Adjusting Manual Contents:

Air Inlet and Exhaust System
Engines With Turbochargers
Engines Without Turbochargers
Timing Gears
Valves and Valve Mechanisms
Basic Block
Cooling System
Coolant for Air Compressor
Cooling System Components
Electrical System
Charging System Components
Other Components
Starting System Components
Fuel Systems (Sleeve Metering & Scroll)
Fuel Injection Valve
Glow Plugs
Scroll Fuel System
Fuel Injection Pump Operation
Governor Operation
Sleeve Metering Fuel System
Adjustments to the Sleeve Metering Fuel System
Fue’I Flow After Engine Stops Running
Fuel Flow Using the Priming Pump and Bleed Valve
Fuel Flow With Engine Running
Fuel Injection Pump Operation
Fuel Priming Pump
Fuel Ratio Control
Fuel System Operation
Fuel System Timing
Fuel Transfer Pump
Sleeve Position
Water Separator
General Information
Lubrication System
Lubrication System Components
Oil Flow in the Engine
Oil Flow Through the Oil Filter and Oil Cooler

Air Inlet and Exhaust System
Checking Inlet Manifold Pressure At Torque
Converter Stall Speed
Crankcase (Crankshaft Compartment) Pressure
Cylinder Condition
Cylinder Head
Measurement of Exhaust Temperatures
Measurement of Pressure in Inlet Manifold
Precombustion Chamber Position
Restriction of Air Inlet and Exhaust
Valve Clearance Setting
Basic Block
Connecting Rods and Main Bearings
Connecting Rods and Pistons
Cylinder Block
Cylinder Liner Projection
Flywheel and Flywheel Housing
Oil Pump Installation
Vibration Damper
Cooling System
Checking Coolant Temperatures
Checking Fan Speed
Checking Pressure Cap or Relief Valve
Checking Radiator Air Flow
Gauge for Water Temperature
Testing the Cooling System
Visual Inspection of the Cooling System
Water Temperature Regulator
Electrical System
Alternator Regulator
Charging System
Shutoff Solenoid
Starting System
Flexible Drive Coupling
Checking Flexible Drive Coupling Alignment
Lubrication System
Oil Pressure is High
Oil Pressure is Low
Too Much Bearing Wear
Too Much Oil Consumption
Scroll Fuel System
Accessory Drive Shaft Timing
Check Fuel Injection Pump Lifter
Washer and Pump Plunger
Checking Fuel Injection Pump Timing; On Engine
Checking Fuel Injection Valve
Deceleration Control Adjustment
Fuel Bypass Valve
Fuel Injection Adjustments
Fuel Injection Lines
Fuel Injection Pump
Fuel Injection Pump Installation
Fuel Injection Pump Timing Dimension Setting; Off Engine
Fuel Injection Service
Fuel Injection Valve
Fuel Rack Setting
Fuel Ratio Control Setting
Fuel System Adjustments
Governor Adjustments
Governor Control and Deceleration Linkage Adjustments
Locating Top Center Position
Testing Fuel Injection Equipment
Visual Inspection
Sleeve Metering Fuel System
Checking Balance Point (Full Load Speed)
Checking Timing by Fuel Flow Method
Checking Timing by Timing Pin Method
Finding Top Center Compression Position
Fuel Pump Calibration
Fuel Ratio Control Setting
Fuel System Adjustments
Fuel System Inspection
Fuel System Setting
Governor Adjustments
Testing Fuel Injection Equipment


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