Fiat 55-66S, 60-66S, 65-66S, 70-66S, 80-66S Operator’s Manual



  • Covers Fiat 55-66S, 60-66S, 65-66S, 70-66S, 80-66S, 55-66S DT, 60-66S DT, 65-66S DT, 70-66S DT, 80-66S DT, 70-66 HC, 80-66HC Utility Tractors
  • P/N 06910287
  • 117 pages
  • 14.1 MB file size
  • Instant PDF Download
  • Bookmarked, searchable, printable
  • Compatible with Windows/Mac/Tablet

PDF operator’s manual for Fiat 55-66S, 60-66S, 65-66S, 70-66S, 80-66S utility tractors. It includes instructions and illustrations on how to operate and maintain your tractor.


    • Specifications
    • Operation
    • Maintenance schedule and procedures
    • Electrical system
    • Four Wheel Drive Tractors operating instructions, product features and specifications differing from 12 and 20 speed 2WD.
    • Creeper Speed and Reverser Tractors
    • Reverser Tractors
    • 40KM/H Version (DT Models Only)
    • High Clearance Tractors 70-66 HC and 80-66 HC
    • DT Version (with self-locking LIM-SLIP Differential)
    • Tractors with Heated and Ventilated Cab Version
    • Flexible Maintenance
    • 80-66S and DTs – Service Chart
    • Wiring Diagram
    • Index



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